The FRAMA apartment. Niels Strøyer Christophersen, founder of Frama, opened the doors of his apartment in Østerbro Copenhagen during 3 Days of Design. Here Niels gave a tour and talk, explaining his approach to design and how he renovated this apartment. My schedule was tight so I couldn’t stay long to take pictures, so please excuse any strange angles, I was in a rush!

This former watchmakers store on the ground floor of a classic 1905 Danish townhouse was bought in a run down state. The easy option and most common behaviour when moving into a dilapidated apartment is to paint it entirely white and throw a few rugs down, in stereotypical Scandi style. However when an easy design option is assumed, Niels reacted in the opposite way and created his own approach to honour this space.

For some this apartment may appear unfinished and raw but if you look closer there’s thought and detail everywhere. Neutral tones and exposed walls show layers of history that Niels wanted to keep. He has combined this pared back architectural aesthetic with simple furniture either collected, made or restored.

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