Scandinavian design brand Moebe are well known for their simplistic, intuitive and clever designs. Their aim is to find in solutions in reducing designs to their simplest of forms. One of my favourite pieces by them (and one that I’ve purchased) is the FRAME in oak. Simply done, the frame is held together by a single rubber band, that’s it!

Moebe have now launched a new collection for this Frame in collaboration with Norm Architects and Paper Collective. Norm Architects’ previous print collection called ‘Sabi Leaves‘ was a botanical expression of times frozen and capturing vulnerable beauty. Similarly this new collection called Floating leaves by Norm Architects are images of botanical leaves at various stages of beauty and decay. However this time the images are directly printed onto the acrylic glass of Moebe’s FRAME.

“The Floating Leaves are inspired by the gathering of botanic samples and classic botanic illustration. Playing with a mix of fresh greens and elements of decay, the Leaves become an expression of passing time and changing seasons. Through the transparency of print and frame the leaves get a unique sense of multi-dimensionality rarely achieved in printed products.”

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