Truthfully, when I see a “Scandinavian Style” book I can be somewhat dubious of it’s content. Lets face it, there are plenty of books out there that want to be branded Scandinavian because of the popularity but really don’t have a clue. Remember last year when there was a ‘hygge’ book epidemic?! And even then there were writers misunderstanding the concept entirely.

So when discovering a book that is in fact well informed and giving true tips and advice on Scandinavian style, then I think it’s a important that I share! Oh and it’s written by my friend and fellow design blogger Allan Torp from Bungalow 5. yes yes this may seem incredibly biased. Which it obviously is a little but Allan really knows his Scandinavian design! Who better to write this book than international design writer, from Copenhagen, living and breathing Scandinavian style.

The book itself is a thorough room by room guide to achieving the Scandinavian style, with description on colours, favourite pieces and how you with easy steps can live like a real Scandinavian. Part of the book is also a whole genesis of this design phenomenon. – says Allan

Going through Scandinavian Style at home, I was actually surprised as I wasn’t expecting it to be like a source book. It’s not even that big but it’s packed with information. There are room by room guides, case studies, product design details and practical tips too. I’ve found it to be a book that I keep on picking up. A great source of inspiration!

A little about Allan Torp……

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