Back in April I took a trip to Stockholm and stayed in the newly opened Hobo hotel. This was part of my trip where I also reviewed Hotel At Six. Which is actually next door to Hobo and are sister companies. So after spending a few nights in the super luxury hotel At Six, I wondered how I’d fear in their cheaper, younger establishment…….

Needless to say the design style was a sharp contrast to Hotel At Six, not lacking in style or quality, just a different energy completely. Designer furniture and lighting are mixed among tribal style rugs, botanical greenery and artful illustrations. The hotel instantly feels easygoing, happy and inviting.

Designed by award winning Berlin based designer Werner Aisslinger, the hotel has an energetic youthful and stylish aesthetic. “At Hobo we are uniting the hyper urban brutalism of Brunkebergstorg with a feeling of freedom and easiness like traveling throughout continents in a vintage VW camper and preparing food at a camp fire. Award-winning Berlin based designer Werner Aisslinger has created the looks and feels of a hotel for guests who love the adventure of traveling; experiencing pure materials, nature, community, music and good talks.”

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