As much as I say “I’ll wait a while before I travel again’, it never really works that way. I have itchy feet, a curious mind and the need to explore more of the Scandinavian design world I love so much. So I’ll be heading back to Copenhagen this week for the incredible 3 Days of Design festival, whoop. I explored this design festival last year and was in love with it instantly. I even welded on a piece of a byLassen Kubus candle holder with non other than Søren Lassen (now owner of the company), Grandson of orginal designer Morgan Lassen. It was such an honour and fun too. Understandably, I’m super excited about this year’s 3 days of design!

I digress. After having travelled a lot this past year I have learnt, much like my ethos for home, to only pack products that I truly love. Made of great materials, design and with little fuss. Here’s a little insight into some of my travel essentials items.

Nuori Supreme moisture mask. This natural face mask also acts as an over night moisturiser. I use this at home and when I travel. Particularly when I’m exhausted and my skin needs a little help, it’s amazing (and they’ve not paid me to say that).

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